The Cassius Project

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. — Muhammad Ali

THE CASSIUS PROJECT is a region-wide initiative built around Metro Theater Company’s production of And In This Corner…Cassius Clay.

In the past year, tensions have been high as St. Louis struggles with racial and economic inequity, strained relationships with law enforcement and disenfranchised youth unsure of their role in our community.

Through the story of young Cassius Clay Jr. (Muhammad Ali) and his life in Jim Crow Louisville, Kentucky, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues that contribute to inequity in our community through a historical context. Audiences will be inspired by the decision of young Cassius Clay to reach beyond personal success to achieve greater community good.

THE CASSIUS PROJECT will offer a series of community programs, wrap-around tools and resources with the production that will educate audiences and then engage and empower them to find ways to get personally involved in making St. Louis a stronger community.


The Cassius Project Outcomes

With the potential to directly serve more than 11,000 people – over 8,000 of them youth – THE CASSIUS PROJECT presents an opportunity to begin long term change in St. Louis and address youth disenfranchisement. Specific and measurable goals include:

  • Attendance of thousands of youth at performances of And In This Corner…Cassius Clay, accompanied by post-performance facilitated dialogue.
  • Additional partner activities to deepen the conversation about issues of equity in St. Louis
  • Online toolkit to provide information about the play and its historical context; resources and discussion questions for students and parents; curriculum connections and lesson plans for educators; and links to volunteer and education opportunities in the region and throughout the state for youth to take a personal role in strengthening St. Louis
  • Classroom curriculum to support character education and curricular understanding, leading up to and following the production
  • Interactive “Superhero” comic book  for students to focus their own special abilities, and to realize that their lives matter and they can make a difference
  • Community honoree initiative, ST. LOUIS SUPERHEROES, to celebrate individuals across the St. Louis region who are inspiring others through their efforts on behalf of our community

And In This Corner…Cassius Clay and The Cassius Project are made possible in part by: